Business Owners

It’s not easy! We get it! We’re business owners ourselves and understand what it takes to start, grow, and manage a business.   We’re also experienced acquirers of businesses and have seen the emotional roller coaster that an owner can face as he or she looks to sell the asset they’ve worked so hard to develop and grow.

It’s complicated, too!  You have a ton on your plate.  Whether it’s sourcing materials or funding payroll.   Sales or services issues. Implementing and managing the systems needed to keep it all going may cause a lot of sleepless nights.  However, you probably wouldn’t trade it for the world.  

Owning, growing and managing a business can be extremely frustrating but also one the most satisfying life experiences.  Your ideas, your creativity, your hard work, it’s all put to the test every day and you take the slings and arrows as they come and fight through the tough times to only be stronger on the other side.

Our job is to give you leverage wherever we can.  To free up your time to focus on the revenue generating tasks that can help take you to the next level.

Whether helping you coordinate your business and personal finances, plan for future growth, help find hidden cost savings, plan for succession, or be an objective sounding board, Compass can help guide you by bringing solutions, ideas, and plans designed to increase your efficiency, save money, time, and take you to a whole new level.