Our Philosophy

An integrated process for successful client outcomes begins not with a goal but with a purpose. The purpose of our work is to help you work towards increasing the likelihood you maintain your lifestyle throughout your retirement years. To help guide us we use a four-step process:

1. Organize:

Here we’ll share with you our fiduciary responsibilities as well as any conflicts of interest. We’ll make you aware of the services we provide and the roles played by various participants. Of course, it’s not all about us, so during this phase we will be gathering your information and discussing your plans and ideas for your future.

2. Formalize:

When formalizing the plan we want to identify investment and plan objectives as well as an appropriate risk level for each client. We’ll let you know what to expect from your investment and plans so together we can determine whether or not they are in your best interest and may help manage your objectives. Using our proprietary investment models we’ll select the appropriate allocation and asset classes to be used in your plan.

3. Implement:

During implementation we begin to put your plans to work but it’s more than that. Using our in-house and third-party due diligence processes we only select service providers that have meet a strict set of criteria. Decisions regarding investment strategies are made in accordance with our financial guidance. 

4. Monitor:

Throughout our relationship with you we will monitor the plans we have put to work and make any needed adjustments. Periodic reviews will compare investment performance against appropriate indexes and peer groups. We’ll review and measure fund managers and address any red flags in their performance. We will review our trading practices for consistency and adherence to predetermined models and strategies.

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