Why Work With Us?

Because of our passion for your success. What is success? Is it making your next million? Having a hot stock go your way? Buying the yacht you’ve had your eye on? Those things are certainly nice but that’s not how we would define success. Success to us is you being able to maintain your lifestyle through what is likely to be twenty five to thrity years or more of retirement. Success is being invested in a way that maintains the integrity of your plan even during difficult periods within financial markets and your life.

Why are we so passionate about your success? Because, to us, it’s personal. Simply put, within our own families we’ve seen the results of failure. We’ve seen our own family members reach certain high levels of success within terrific careers only to see the fruits of their labor disintegrate because they failed to implement plans capable of sustaining the assets they created to meet their own needs, let alone for future generations. We’ve seen people make a good living throughout their lives only to retire destitute with nothing more than government and family assistance. We’ve seen people work for forty years and then after decades of accumulating wealth, deplete their personal assets down to near zero levels within just a couple of years of retirement.

These results are not from poor market performance or because they chose the wrong investments. They are from poor planning, no planning or generally poor financial behavior. Up close and personal, we’ve seen what not to do and the results that come from poor behavior. Our preference is to see our clients succeed and enjoy the wealth they’ve created in a sustainable way that meets their needs. I guess you could say we are in the failure prevention business and very proud of it!

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